Mission Statement

In an attempt to divide a human being into segments, we often miss that our emotions, our mind, our body and our spirit all shake hands. When just one of these are suffering, the whole being will be effected. I strive to create balance by respecting each and everyone as a dynamic portrait of where they are.

About Me

Victor Milianti

I was raised on the Northern California coast on the Monterey Bay. My parents possessed many talents and gave me the gifts of music, art and metaphysics. At the age of 16 I won several awards playing guitar and went on to perform at the Montreaux Jazz festival, in Switzerland.

I have studied Holistic Psychology and the deeper mysteries of consciousness since the age of 14. I have two wonderful sons who continue to amaze me and keep me young at heart.

In 1982 while working at a printing company I suffered an injury to my lower back. This injury forced me to pursue all avenues of healing and pain relief. This debilitating pain lasted for ten years. I tried medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and massage. There were times when I could not move or get out of bed for three days at a time.

In 1996 I moved to Arizona to help take care of my father who had become ill. I tried to find the same group of practitioners to treat my problem. By some act of fate I fell into the hands of a Neuromuscular Therapist. She healed me in just one session - ten years of debilitating pain gone in one session! I was thankful for the instant relief, and curious as to why no-one, in 10 years, had done this before. She simply knew which muscles to treat.

This experience started me on my path to learn about Neuromuscular Therapy. I soon found myself changing careers and treating more people than I imagined. I understand personally what it means to be unable to have the freedom we take for granted when we feel good.